Nine Things Every Grappler Should Have in Their Bag - Credit Fuji Sports

Assuming you've made it to training with your gi and belt, what items can you always keep in your bag just in case you need them? Here are three small, simple things that can make your training session a lot more comfortable.


  1. Athletic tape. works wonders for keeping joints safe during training or preventing further injury. From taping your fingers for grip fighting, to ankles, knees and more, tape will help keep you injury free.
  2. Nail clippers. We face the constant threat of losing a fingernail to gripping. There's nothing more demoralizing than getting beaten up everywhere else, and then lose the ability to grip because you bend one tiny fingernail. Clipping your fingernails will also prevent scratching your training partners and accumulating unhygienic dirt and grime beneath your nails. Nothing looks and feels nicer than a pair of strong gripping hands with nice, groomed nails.
  3. Disinfectant ointment. Make sure to clean and dress your cuts and wounds to prevent infections. You can grab something like Neosporin or a generic brand at any convenience store or pharmacy.
  4. Snacks and Supplements. Life is busy, and sometimes you have to head straight to training from work or in between errands. Don’t squander all of your hard work by neglecting the nutritional needs of your body. Plan ahead by bringing some meal substitutes and supplements. We personally love the trusty banana and apple along with creatine, protein, mass gainer, etc.
  5. Water bottle. Just keep one in there, you know?
  6. ACE Bandage and a large freezer baggy. We are all going to get bumps and bruises. It’s inevitable. Plan for it by bringing your own ice pack kit. A big freezer bag for ice and then a nice ACE bandage to keep it wrapped in place works well. Holding a leaky bag of ice to your area of injury for 20 minutes is far from fun and less effective too. These should be available at and pharmacy or convenience store.
  7. Small Foam roller. Trust us, they’re worth every penny. Keep one of these in your bag, especially if you’re sitting all day, to stretch before and after practice by stretching your IT band, glutes, quads, calfs, back, and just about everything else.
  8. Wet wipes. Ever been to a tournament where they ran out of toilet paper? It’s the worst. Do yourself a favor and grab a pack of flushable baby wipes for that unlikely event or even to clean a cut. They don’t dry up and don’t take up much space and will last you a long time. You can find them at any supermarket, like Target, Walmart, and even most corner stores.
  9. Deodorant. You can't always hit the showers after training, but don't be the smelly guy (or girl). Just don’t.